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Project YMFC-32 autonomous

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Here you can download the Arduino sketches and the schematic.

The YMFC-32 version 1 download files:

The STM32 for Arduino add-on that I used:
Arduino_STM32-master.zip (version 0.1 September, 2018)

The YMFC-32 autonomous software package:
YMFC-32_autonomous.zip (version 0.1 September, 2018)


The YMFC-32 return to home and fail safe update:

The YMFC-32 autonomous update software package:
YMFC-32_autonomous_rth.zip (version 0.2 November, 2018)

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The compass documents:

Applications of Magnetic Sensors for Low Cost Compass Systems:

Applications of Magnetoresistive Sensors in Navigation Systems: