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Project YMFC-32 autonomous

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The YMFC-32 autonomous flight controller project

The YMFC-32 autonomous is an STM32 quadcopter flight controller that was programmed with the Arduino IDE. Its purpose is to create an educational project that can be used as a hobby or school project.

The main goals of this project are:

  • An easy and understandable code
  • Try to keep the cost to a minimum

In short, you can build the complete YMFC-32 autonomous for under €200,-. This includes a battery, charger, remote control and a telemetry system. The Arduino/STM32 code can be downloaded for free in the download section.

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The flight controller code is commented and clearly explained in the YMFC-32 video tutorials. This makes it possible to further develop the YMFC-32 flight controller code for your own purpose.

If you encounter any problems during the build or setup please check the Q&A page first. Most questions are already answered in detail.

Table of contents

1.General information
3.1The flight controller parts
3.2The frame
3.3The telemetry system

1. General information


The YMFC-32 autonomous holds the following features:

  • Auto level
  • Altitude hold
  • GPS hold
  • Course lock
  • Telemetry

With my own quadcopters I get a flight time between 15 till 20 minutes with a 3800mAh 3 cell lipo. You can find more information about my testquads on the background infromation (bain) page here.

2. Software


First download the complete YMFC-32 software package from the download section:

[Goto download section]

And install the STM32 for Arduino add-on as shown in this video:

Getting started with the STM32 microcontroller - STM32F103C8T6 via Arduino.

Please note that the STM32 for Arduino add-on is a work under construction and I have no influence on any changes they make. If you have any questions about the STM32 for Arduino add-on, please visit this forum:

STM32 for Arduino forum

If you have any problems with the latest STM32 for Arduino add-on you can find the add-on that I used in the download section.

3. Hardware


The hardware needed for the YMFC-32 autonomous is listed below. I made this hardware list for your convenience. This list is a suggestion and it's your own responsibility to ensure that the products meet your specific requirements. But this list should be sufficient to build the YMFC-32 quadcopter.

Please note: All sensors need to be present. Otherwise the YMFC-32 flight controller code will not work!

3.1 The flight controller


3.2 The frame


I personally prefer (and use) 8x4.5 inch props instead of the 10x4.5 inch props. This is to offload the motors and ESC's and to get a better response.

3.3 The telemetry system


3.4 Options


If you have never flown a quadcopter before I highly recommend the following quadcopter. It has the same control principle as the YMFC-32 but without the destructive energy. This way you can safely fly this thing indoors and practice your skills before flying the YMFC-32.

This project is currently under development. My goal is to release the software September 2018. You can check its current status on my YouTube channel.