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Project JB-Serial Monitor - The advanced serial monitor for your (Arduino) projects.

JB-Serial Monitor

The JB-Serial Monitor is an advanced and free serial monitor that can handle ASCII, decimal, hexadecimal and binairy in- and output. This allows you to read all the data from the microcontroller in your own prefered output. And not only ASCII as the most serial monitors support.

Writen as a tool for my own projects I decided that it might also be helpful to others. So that is why I made this serial monitor available as freeware. This way you can share it, copy it and do whatever you want with it. Please note: "This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful"

JB-Serial Monitor also allows the user to directly write all the data to a file with only one mouse click.

The following video shows a quick demonstration of the JB-Serial Monitor.


Download the JB-Serial Monitor

You can download the JB-Serial Monitor program via the following link.

JB-Serial_Monitor.zip  (Version 1.1 January 4, 2022)


Version control


V1.0012/01/2021First release

V1.0101/04/2022The send and receive textboxes are now on the same tab.

A time stamp feature is added.

It's now possible to enter a next line after a number of received bytes.

A checkbox is added to select if the data terminal ready signal or DTR for short is activated when a connection is made.


Known issues

On slow computers and high serial data rates not all received bytes are registered correctly. There is simply an overload of data. Check the CPU load if this happens. Stop the data logging and uncheck the auto scroll option might also helps to reduce the CPU load.