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Brokking.net - Video: YMFC-32| tuning settings| The Arduino - STM32 DIY drone

YMFC-32| tuning settings| The Arduino - STM32 DIY drone

This page contains the full script that I used for making this video.

Programming a quadcopter equals a lot of field testing and tuning. Especially when you add other features to the code or try new algorithms that require new settings.

In the past months I made a lot of test flights to gather data and gaining experience. This way I could figure out what algorithm gave me the best results with the STM32. This meant that, after every algorithm change I had to reupload the code. This was also true when I was tuning the PID settings.

For your information, I made an incredible number of test flights to get the code and algorithms to work correctly on the YMFC-32. This also meant that I had to tune the parameters every time I changed something. And as you can see there are already a lot of settings that might need tuning.

With some flight controllers you can assign a specific channel to a parameter that you want tune during flight. However, if your transmitter only has 6 channels you can only change one setting at a time because the other 5 channels are needed for flying the quadcopter and selecting the various flight modes.

With the YMFC-AL you could only change the setting in the program code and you need to re-upload the code every time you made a change.

With the YMFC-32 I want to introduce something new. The easiest way to show this is by using an example. Let's say that I want to improve the PID settings of the altitude hold function. This will take a very long time when you have to reupload the program after parameter every change.

But in the code you can find these three lines that says "variable_1 till 3 _to_adjust". When I now take the settings that I want to tune and put them at the location of the dummy float variable I only have to upload the code once.

When the quadcopter is deactivated I can flip the heading lock switch 5 times and the red LED on the quadcopter lights up.

When I now scroll through the pages on the telemetry receiver I will find this page. Here I have my three settings that I can now tune with the control sticks. With the first channel, that is the roll function I can now increase or decrease setting 1.

I can do the same with the pitch stick for setting 2.

And the yaw stick for setting 3.

When I'm done with the changes I can disable the head lock function and the red LED turns off. The new settings are now locked and active.

This way I can change three settings at the same time without the use of extra receiver channels. The only downside is that, when I disconnect the flight battery the settings are lost. So make sure that you note the settings before you disconnect the flight battery.

When all the settings are done you can change the settings in the code and reupload the program.

So, I hope that this tuning method will make life allot easier when you start building the YMFC-32.

Thank you for watching and see you next time.