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Bain page: Building the YMFC-32 in a Hubsan H109s X4 Pro frame.

Building the YMFC-32 in a Hubsan H109s X4 Pro frame

Building a new quadcopter is always a fun project if you take the time for it. I have built this quadcopter in a period of several weeks as I had limited time and there were some minor challenges to overcome.

One of the challenges was space. The new frame that I bought simply didn't have any of it. After careful planning and test fitting I manage to build everything in this tiny frame and make it flyable. With a weight of only 1040gr / 2.29lb it flies for 23 minutes

I made this page so you can check the links for the frame parts that I ordered and read some background information about the project.

Table of contents

1.The build video
2.Frame parts needed
3.Quadcopter specifications

1. The build video


The build video that I made:

Building a new frame and flying waypoints - YMFC-32 Arduino drone.

2. Frame parts needed


The frame parts that I ordered:

3. Quadcopter specifications


  • Weight: 1040gr / 2.29lb (including batteries)
  • Height: 235mm / 9.25in (top of GPS module)
  • Width: 300mm / 11.81in
  • Length: 300mm / 11.81in
  • Motor to motor: 370mm / 14.57in
  • Propellers: 9.4x4.3in
  • Recommended take off weight 1200gr / 2.65lb
  • Flight time: 23 minutes @ 2 x 2200mAh / 3S lipo